Orange Alert: Tropical Storm Diane closest to Reunion Island

tropical storm in indian ocean

Orange Alert: Tropical Storm Diane closest to Reunion Island

The tropical storm, named Diane at 6:30 pm, was located at 4 pm 110 miles from the coast north-northwest of Reunion Island. The system is expected to bring heavy rain in the evening, especially in the south. The orange alert is still in effect.

The orange alert triggered by the Prefecture is still in force. The heavy rainfall vigilance bulletin was encountered at 6pm for the South and South-East areas of the island. The heavy swell vigilance bulletin is in progress until 11pm. It is valid for the areas from Pointe des Aigrettes to Champ-Borne via the Route du Littoral.

According to the latest forecast bulletin from Météo France Réunion, there will be heavy rainfall next night in the western and southern regions. They will only diminish on Saturday morning. As the soils are saturated with water, flooding and runoff may occur.

The weather will remain gloomy over the northern and eastern regions of Reunion Island with cloudy skies. Showers will become scarce during the night on this part of the island.

The south wind is blowing with gusts of 90 km/h over the western region and on the eastern flank of the volcano. They can exceed 100km/h on the southern and western heights.

The swell impacts the North coasts with an average height of 2.5m to 3m. It gets lighter during the night. The sea will then become very strong on the West and South coasts of the island.

What about the weather tomorrow?

Moderate to locally heavy rainfall is expected in the south of the department this Saturday, from Piton St Leu to St Philippe via St Pierre. In the North, West and East regions, showers are rare.

In the afternoon, the rains will continue, especially in the southern heights. Everywhere else, clearings appear.

The wind will always be strong, with gusts in the order of 90km/h on the West and towards Piton Ste Rose, up to 65 mph at Piton Maïdo.
The sea will be very strong from Boucan Canot to St Philippe via St Leu.

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