Snowmobile Accident in Quebec: One Canadian Dead, 5 French Tourists Missing

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Snowmobile Accident in Quebec: One Canadian Dead, 5 French Tourists Missing

Several members of the group went missing after the ice gave way under the weight of their snowmobiles in an unmarked area.
A Canadian guide is dead and five French tourists on a snowmobile tour in northern Quebec are missing after the ice broke under the weight of several vehicles in an unmarked area, police said Wednesday.

The accident occurred early Tuesday evening in the Lac St. Jean area during a snowmobile ride with a guide and eight French tourists that turned into a tragedy.

“Sûreté du Québec snowmobilers are still on the scene. A command post has been set up and the divers are on site,” the Sûreté du Québec tweeted. A helicopter will also arrive at the search site.

The five tourists still alive?

Police were alerted by two of the tourists who had just recovered one of their own from the icy waters. The helicopter had broken through the ice while they were crossing an “off-track” area on a river flowing out of Lac Saint-Jean, about 225 km north of Quebec City, said Sûreté du Québec spokesman Hugues Beaulieu.

Police and the army were immediately called in to assist. They rescued the expedition guide, a 42-year-old Quebecer who had also fallen into the water, but the man died overnight in hospital, according to the same source. “Five French tourists are still missing,” the spokesman said.

He did not rule out the possibility that these five tourists may have taken refuge in a chalet during the night, although this is “rather unlikely” according to him.

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